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This theme is basically a collection of wallpapers of all the flowers you’ve ever wanted. What we did was simply take all the wallpapers and rearrange them into a folder, and then loaded it all into a program to generate a new collection for Windows 7. Check out the red flower wallpapers below.Red Flowers Wallpapers:There are 14 different red flower wallpapers included with this theme.Gift:Download:Stumble:Download Red FlowersBuy Red FlowersMore than half of the people who live in Bangladesh have never stepped outside their houseAnecdotally, it appears that Google Street View has helped many people find their way around the world.But a new study reveals how people are increasingly getting lost in the digital universe of the internet, as they spend longer looking at images rather than looking around.Around 580m miles of road will be captured by the 360-degree camera trucks by next year, after the company announced it would start photographing streets across the world from 2015.More than half of the people who live in Bangladesh have never stepped outside their house, according to a survey from global marketing company Forrester.Just 3% have been outside their home in the last week and 21% have never been outside the house. The rest have done it once, twice or even more often.The study suggests that people are increasingly relying on digital maps to get around.Scouting around online for information such as images of directions can be a nuisance to the user, as they feel obliged to "check" things themselves.Forrester found that those who have never been outside the house have a similar usage of a map to those who have, but after looking online at multiple maps to check were more likely to give up and travel.In the US, the figure is a much lower 24% of people have never been out of the house and almost half have been outside the house in the last week.Convocation: Michael Stipe on Planting Seeds of Peace in the Middle EastBy Jeff SharletWashington D.C. — Michael Stipe, The National’s lead singer, returned to Georgetown University’s campus on Tuesday afternoon for his first visit as a full-fledged faculty member in the School of Foreign Service. During his hour-long event at the Campbell-Palmer Education Auditorium, the iconic frontman addressed an audience of more than 600 students, 08929e5ed8

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